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ATTO Disk Benchmark

When you note it takes a considerable stretch of time to read through or jot down data, you might need to input it towards the test to see if everything is set in invest in. ATTO Disk Benchmark really is a software solution designed to help you measure the performance of your system, by running a series of testing to determine hard disk speed

While most benchmark utilities are extremely complicated applications with plenty of features, ATTO Disk Benchmark supports a bit more user-friendly approach, employing a simple interface, but as well a comprehensive help selection with particulars on pretty much every single feature.

All of the ATTO Disk Benchmark goodies are comprised during a single window, to be sure the pre-testing configuration probably will be completed in just a few seconds.

You thus have to pick the push you would like to access, the transfer overal size and therefore the complete length, decide whether you wish to use force prepare access and primary I/O. Pressing the “Start” button will begin a process that seriously stresses up the hard-disk, so it's recommended to avoid working on the system while performing a good solid test.

As soon completed, ATTO Disk Benchmark delivers the test results in a professional way directly inside principal window, which includes a detailed graph and read / write statistics.

The application supports transfer dimensions from 512KB to 8MB and measures from 64KB to 2GB. Additionally, the timed mode allows continuous screening, while the I/O option is sold with a wide range of pre-defined settings.

The generated state can be kept or printed completely from inside application, which includes a dedicated tool to spread out a previously created statement and research it active.

Everything taken into account, ATTO Disk Benchmark is among the most most effective to test the speed of any hard-disk and on account of its user-friendly interface, it is in safety made use of by beginners and a lot more experienced models the same. It will possibly are powered by most versions of Windows, having been accessible toward a spacious public.