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Backup Problem

We are Vaageswari Institute of Pharmaceutical sciences Karimnagar. Problem was ngl Backup Not comming. please soluation the problem.
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Re: Backup Problem

Manju Channappa
Below is the backup and restore procedure in NGL. let me know where u r getting error or if u following different method let me know

1. Open pgAdmin III from start menu
2. Double click on PostgreSQL database server 8.3
3. Double Click on Databases
4. Right click and select backup on newgenlib(database connected to NGL software, to Check this open using wordpad dbconnection.xml file located in C:\NewGenLibFiles\HibernateConfig.  See 9th or 10 line i.e. jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/newgenlib )
5. Select Plain Option, and select saving location of backup file(file name should be ended by .sql) and click OK
6. You will get Process returned exit code 0. Click on DONE to complete backing up the database

• Place the backup file in C drive
• Open command prompt type CMD and press enter
• CD C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.3\bin
• psql -d newgenlib -U postgres
• \i c:/plain.sql