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NGL Installation help

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Dear Sir/Madam

I am trying to install NGL 3.1.

I downloaded and installed jdk-13 and postgresql 12.0 (latest versions of both) as guided in Installation page of NGL.

I am stuck in Point no. 5 of Installation of NGL3 section of installation guide.

http://localhost:8080/newgenlibctxt isn't working as showing in installation page.

I am attaching error screenshot for your reference.

Kindly help.

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Re: NGL Installation help

John Alex
Sir / Madam,

Have you installed in the following version: Java 6 / 7 version, Postgresql 8.3, NGL version.

I am sorry to say this,  it will not work in the other version.

Kindly check the versions in the installation procedures.

Thank you for understanding the conversation,